Snow Days

Well, I have to say, I’m a little disappointed that it is not supposed to snow in Nashville, TN.  I have been checking the weather the past two days because my sister in TX and my kids in OK City are supposed to get LOTS of snow.   I was crossing my fingers that the weather would do a little shuffle and we would get a snowfall in middle TN as well.

Most of the people I have met here would NOT want to hear me wish that,  BUt…..I get SO excited when I hear it is going to snow.  Just the thought of a ‘snow day’ makes me giddy.  I love it when the kids are out of school unexpectedly or the hubby has to stay home….when all the world around us just slows down and everyone has an ‘excuse’ not to go anywhere.   I’m getting excited just typing about it.

It is so beautiful, refreshing, and cleansing when the world gets covered with a blanket of white.

Maybe I just haven’t lived through a hard enough snow experience to think any different, or maybe it is because we spent the past 5 plus years living in the desert, but for NOW….i LOVE snow!!!  BRING it on!!!

no snow



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