Receiving a Gift

This week I was sitting with a group of women in a bible study.  The speaker, who was leading us on a video, said something like….”what a blessing it is to be given the GIFT OF DESPERATION.”

I’ve been pondering this all week.

We all have gifts and talents.  Many are God given and breathed.  Often times using those gifts and strengths not only comes naturally, but even ‘easy’ for us.   When something is easy to do, we usually don’t ask for help.  Even more so, we might not ask for “GOD”.   If we live every day of our lives only doing what we can do naturally, we will miss many (most) of the wonders God wants to reveal to us.

So…..if your back’s against the wall, the task you face is something way beyond your comfort zone or your strengths, you may have received a gift.  A gift God wraps in a package called desperation.

What color, design, or shape is YOUR package wrapped in??

When we are desperate to accomplish something we cannot accomplish in our own power, we are in prime position to see God work.

I have unwrapped a package of desperation more than once, in fact…I’m still going through the contents of one right now!

I can’t wait to see what all is packed in this gift straight from the hands of God.

Oh how sweet and generous is our God.  The gifts He gives, even when life seems to disguise them as trials.



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