My favorite color is black.

No matter how I decorate a room, it’s just not finished until there is something black in it.  No matter what I wear, I often end up with something black on (if not ALL black).  My go to eye liner is…black.  My hair is currently, black.  (but I do admit the hair color changes ALL the time.)  When I paint something I  always use black in some way.

It goes with almost every color.  It defines things. It slims when you wear it.  It has good and bad connotations.   It makes other colors appear brighter, yet it is the color of mourning on a sad day.  It can make a ceiling seem to disappear, yet it can make a room seem smaller.   It can be mysterious and rebellious, yet sophisticated and elegant.   You could have a “black eye”  (bad) or go to an event that is “black tie”  (good)!  You could excel at karate and become a “black belt”, yet you might be on the outs with something or someone and be on their “black list”.

Black is the absence of all color, which is hard for me to understand.   I like to mix colors together when I paint, and it seems the more colors you add the darker it becomes.  You would think black would be the presence of all colors!!   (instead that is white…which also makes NO sense to me)

I’m SO thankful God decided to make our world in color!  I love colors…all of them, but I especially love BLACK!

It is my color of promise, hope, and potential; cuz just think….even the most beautiful diamond in the world was once an old lump of BLACK coal!!  😉

Black and Red


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