I am always moving.
Relax is not a word I am very familiar with.  I often wish for it and think of doing it, but rarely make it there.  (relaxed)
If I am going to sit down, my first choice is to sit in a rocking chair.  I think that is because I can sit down but still keep moving.
When I lay down in bed at night, or sit on the couch to watch a movie or look at a magazine, i bounce or wiggle my feet until I fall asleep.  (just ask my husband)
I have noticed that is how I paint, too.  Not only do I stand up and move my weight from side to side,
I like to capture movement in my art.
Whether it is through swirls, circles, drips, or slashes of paint if you look enough you will find that something is moving in there.  It’s as if that painting just snatched a moment in time that would have changed in the next second.
…….Why am I not skinny????

YellowHeart for CASA


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i am a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a niece, a cousin, friend and new blogger. i am a God-chaser and i love to paint! View all posts by mystiwhiteart

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