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i am a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a niece, a cousin, friend and new blogger. i am a God-chaser and i love to paint!


I am always moving.
Relax is not a word I am very familiar with.  I often wish for it and think of doing it, but rarely make it there.  (relaxed)
If I am going to sit down, my first choice is to sit in a rocking chair.  I think that is because I can sit down but still keep moving.
When I lay down in bed at night, or sit on the couch to watch a movie or look at a magazine, i bounce or wiggle my feet until I fall asleep.  (just ask my husband)
I have noticed that is how I paint, too.  Not only do I stand up and move my weight from side to side,
I like to capture movement in my art.
Whether it is through swirls, circles, drips, or slashes of paint if you look enough you will find that something is moving in there.  It’s as if that painting just snatched a moment in time that would have changed in the next second.
…….Why am I not skinny????

YellowHeart for CASA



This weekend I was reading through Veranda Magazine and came across a small article about an upcoming display at the MET in New York City.  (Oh how I wish I was going….not so much to see this particular group of paintings, but because it would mean I’m in one of my favorite places EVER!)

The collection is called Rooms with a View and features artwork containing windows as a feature.  According to the article, next to the moon, windows were the most popular theme in art during the early 1800s.

I think that is interesting.  It interests me that the artists so often didn’t paint the landscapes, skies, rivers or structures that they could see beyond the window.  They didn’t paint a chair, or table, or person inside the room that contained the window.   They painted THE WINDOW.  (i’m sure most of the paintings included some of these things, but my point is that the focus was the window)

I have always liked to gaze out windows.

I like to be in cozy, small, comfortable spaces, but I like to be able to see the world when I want to  (don’t box me in), and am usually drawn to anything that hints at a view beyond where I am.  Hmmmm, lots of artists long ago must have liked looking out, too.   I wonder how many were dreaming or wishing to be somewhere outside of the room they were in?  How many were looking out the window and feeling grateful for the view they could see?  How many saw something that made them feel scared?  Sad?  Happy?   Peaceful?  Energized?  Inspired?

Here’s to your next view….may it be peaceful and inspiring.  May you see JUST WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE!

Torn View


My favorite color is black.

No matter how I decorate a room, it’s just not finished until there is something black in it.  No matter what I wear, I often end up with something black on (if not ALL black).  My go to eye liner is…black.  My hair is currently, black.  (but I do admit the hair color changes ALL the time.)  When I paint something I  always use black in some way.

It goes with almost every color.  It defines things. It slims when you wear it.  It has good and bad connotations.   It makes other colors appear brighter, yet it is the color of mourning on a sad day.  It can make a ceiling seem to disappear, yet it can make a room seem smaller.   It can be mysterious and rebellious, yet sophisticated and elegant.   You could have a “black eye”  (bad) or go to an event that is “black tie”  (good)!  You could excel at karate and become a “black belt”, yet you might be on the outs with something or someone and be on their “black list”.

Black is the absence of all color, which is hard for me to understand.   I like to mix colors together when I paint, and it seems the more colors you add the darker it becomes.  You would think black would be the presence of all colors!!   (instead that is white…which also makes NO sense to me)

I’m SO thankful God decided to make our world in color!  I love colors…all of them, but I especially love BLACK!

It is my color of promise, hope, and potential; cuz just think….even the most beautiful diamond in the world was once an old lump of BLACK coal!!  😉

Black and Red

Receiving a Gift

This week I was sitting with a group of women in a bible study.  The speaker, who was leading us on a video, said something like….”what a blessing it is to be given the GIFT OF DESPERATION.”

I’ve been pondering this all week.

We all have gifts and talents.  Many are God given and breathed.  Often times using those gifts and strengths not only comes naturally, but even ‘easy’ for us.   When something is easy to do, we usually don’t ask for help.  Even more so, we might not ask for “GOD”.   If we live every day of our lives only doing what we can do naturally, we will miss many (most) of the wonders God wants to reveal to us.

So…..if your back’s against the wall, the task you face is something way beyond your comfort zone or your strengths, you may have received a gift.  A gift God wraps in a package called desperation.

What color, design, or shape is YOUR package wrapped in??

When we are desperate to accomplish something we cannot accomplish in our own power, we are in prime position to see God work.

I have unwrapped a package of desperation more than once, in fact…I’m still going through the contents of one right now!

I can’t wait to see what all is packed in this gift straight from the hands of God.

Oh how sweet and generous is our God.  The gifts He gives, even when life seems to disguise them as trials.


Driving Hooptie Doo

For some reason today I was thinking about my crash course in how to drive a stick shift….many years ago.

My Daddy had a teal blue-green, 64 Ford pick up truck, with an “a-oooga” horn on it.  We called it Hooptie Doo.  I can even remember the license plate number because we had made up a little rhyme to go with it  ((“E-A-N … Three-Fifty Two;  that’s the number for hooptie doo”)).

SOmetimes Daddy would get home from work and push the horn, especially if we were outside, and DEFINITELY if we had friends hanging out with us so that it caused the most embarrassment possible.

The driving date that sticks out most in my mind was made up of me, my Mom, and my Dad.   We went for a ride in Hooptie and my Dad decided this was the perfect day for me to learn to drive a standard.

Stick in the floor, no power steering, nothing easy about this AT ALL.

I vividly remember coming upon a stop sign that was located at an intersection towards the top of a hill.  (I’m sure the hill was not as steep as my mind sees it, but at the time it was TOO steep for this situation.)   After I stopped, of course, some unknown driver behind me pulled up RIGHT behind our truck.  I had no rolling room and could not get the clutch, gas, shift functions to coordinate.     I was in a full out panic mode.  My Mom broke out into hysterical laughter, which was not uncommon.  My Dad broke out into full out driver instructor mode.  Neither one of them helped.

Good O’ Daddy saved the day by easing his foot onto the brake as I let mine off, then easing his other foot onto the clutch in the same manner.  I opened the driver side door and bailed.   I ran around the truck, waved at the car behind us,and hoped in beside my Mom.

I don’t know If I ever drove Hooptie Doo again, but I wish I could drive it now.   It is just one of those memories that make me smile more the older I get.

Painting with God today

Today has been a very good day.

DH (dear hubby) took me out to breakfast at the Pancake Pantry in downtown Nashville this morning, then on a short hand-holding stroll along 21st avenue in the brisk (cold) winter air.  After buying me a couple of delicious tea flavors from Teavana and driving home the long way, I got to spend some time in my favorite room….my art studio!!  🙂

I have to say, my favorite painting days are when I am working on something I’ve been commissioned to paint for someone special!!

It’s always fun to paint.  I mean, blending, dripping, throwing, and brushing colors together….what’s not to love, but  when I know right where the painting is going, who it is going to, and what colors THEY want to see, it is extra fun for me.    Today was one of those days!!!!

Painting is sort of like working in a flower garden for me.  I feel a little closer, and more connected to God.  I don’t know why really, but I find myself praying, remembering scriptures, thinking of a worship song, or sensing something deep inside of me that seems to be a ‘brush of God’s color upon my heart’ when I paint.

I can’t wait to see what the canvas will look like in the end; how many mistakes I will make, how many times I will start over, how many colors, brushes, and days will go into the process of creating a finished  piece of art.   I wonder if God feels the same way about ME?


Some of the colors for today




what ‘ cha gonna do???

So, today we spent our day shopping for health insurance.  Last night we got the word that the premium on our health insurance, provided by my husband’s company, was going to be increasing by a few hundred dollars per month.  By the time it is all said and done, we are looking at paying almost $1000.00 our of OUR pockets per month for insurance.  WHAT??????????????

We are looking for something on our own, and already finding we will be able to save some money, but….regardless, it brings to mind to me (once again) that SOMETHING is NOT RIGHT with our health care system.

I don’t know what the answer is, but there has to be something better than this.

High cost of doctor visits, hospital visits, PRESCRIPTION drugs, HEALTH INSURANCe….ugh…..HELP!!!!!!!!