Okay….I want to talk about this color.


I’ve always thought of it as one of God’s favorite colors because He made SO many things green.  There are many shades, hues, and intensities of green.   It is a color of life and freshness.

So, how did it become associated with the ugly, green-eyed monster, Jealousy?

That monster will make us do and say things we never associate with life and fresh growth.  It cuts, wounds, turns bitter and dead.  Often it seems the monster is living in everyone else, but sometimes, face it, it is the color (face)  we see in the mirror.


My BFF strongly dislikes the color green.   (maybe that monster is why and she wants to avoid associating with it)

Indeed, there are a few shades of green I don’t like, but there are some I adore.

Let’s all pretend that the green-eyed monster ONLY has eyes that are the color green we happen to dislike!  (in order to save face for the rest of the green shades)

Have a great weekend, and pull out that ‘sword of the spirit’ to fight the monsters !



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i am a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a niece, a cousin, friend and new blogger. i am a God-chaser and i love to paint! View all posts by mystiwhiteart

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