This weekend I was reading through Veranda Magazine and came across a small article about an upcoming display at the MET in New York City.  (Oh how I wish I was going….not so much to see this particular group of paintings, but because it would mean I’m in one of my favorite places EVER!)

The collection is called Rooms with a View and features artwork containing windows as a feature.  According to the article, next to the moon, windows were the most popular theme in art during the early 1800s.

I think that is interesting.  It interests me that the artists so often didn’t paint the landscapes, skies, rivers or structures that they could see beyond the window.  They didn’t paint a chair, or table, or person inside the room that contained the window.   They painted THE WINDOW.  (i’m sure most of the paintings included some of these things, but my point is that the focus was the window)

I have always liked to gaze out windows.

I like to be in cozy, small, comfortable spaces, but I like to be able to see the world when I want to  (don’t box me in), and am usually drawn to anything that hints at a view beyond where I am.  Hmmmm, lots of artists long ago must have liked looking out, too.   I wonder how many were dreaming or wishing to be somewhere outside of the room they were in?  How many were looking out the window and feeling grateful for the view they could see?  How many saw something that made them feel scared?  Sad?  Happy?   Peaceful?  Energized?  Inspired?

Here’s to your next view….may it be peaceful and inspiring.  May you see JUST WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE!

Torn View


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